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Life is a journey. Going to the points you want to reach on this

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We accompany you on your journey of nature and healing, and with

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More than 20 years of experience, Dr. Veli Şimşek have witnessed many people's happiness after surgeries, especially the ones which are about appearance. Now, it is time to spread this enthusiasm and excitement with the world.

Dr. Veli Şimşek


Dr. Veli Şimşek have met many people who want plastic surgery to correct their imperfections, reduce the signals of aging. In this light, Dr. Veli Şimşek have gathered a team which consists of specialist doctors, medical consultants, hospitals and clinics. So, within the highest technology usage we are ready to provide you a boosted self-esteem, like you always deserved.


Peaktophealth Op. Dr. Veli Simsek

While we are working for you to be healthy & achieve your dream body, you may still have the questions of which clinic should I choose, whom I can rely on, what are the points I should take into consideretaion?
If you have all these questions in your mind it is important to do your research and understand the procedure you are considering for finding a qualified, experienced, reliable clinic whom you will feel comfortable with and has well-structured planning for your journey

When you have gone through these question marks in your mind, now I need to congratulate you for taking a big step for yourself. According to my belief, humans need to work and research non-stop for achieving their best version of themselves. Because the future looks like you and here, we would like it to be shiny.


Who is Dr. Veli Simsek

Important Points

Finding the correct doctors & clinic can be a difficult process because there are numerous clinics available But, who can you actually rely on? Here are some crucial point to keep in mind;
• First of all, you should choose which operation you want carefully, in the end you know your medical history and health condition better than anyone else.
Website: We are living in a time when every research begins from the internet. We see a lot of advertisements, doing online searching, but it is a significant thing to do to look for the clinic's website.
• Who founded the clinic? is it someone who comes from the profession or someone who is doing it for profit?
• Were you able to find the information you have been looking for?
• Were the before & after photographs concluded well for you? if that website gives you these answers, the next logical thing to do would be to get in contact with the surgeon's office and get all the information for your surgery.
Website Contents: Experienced and reliable clinics will always have a website for their patients to visit. While this is not the only reason to select one clinic over another, you should choose a clinic which has a good reputation, a gallery of before and after photos showing their work, and information about their credentials, background, and areas of expertise.
Trust: There is a fact that nobody can know the exact outcome of the procedure. But, to minimize the question marks on your mind you can take a look at the before & after photos of the clinic.
Social Media: Many clinics are using social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to reach you you can take a look at their page.
How are the patients: On these sites, they post before and after photos, as well as the updates about the new patient's journey. Did they seem like they were having a good time? What about the comments?

Comments: Some doctors publish blog posts about operation trends and developments, which can be another useful resource when conducting online research, Spend some time reading patient reviews on Facebook, Google, and sites like Trustpilot, where the patients share unbiased reviews about their experiences, When you want genuine, unedited patient experiences, these can be valuable sources of information,

Certificates: You should be careful about the clinic you choose if they got their necessary certificates in order to have a safe operation and to be happy about the result,

In health tourism, there are certificates that the clinic you are interested in should have, First of all, they should have the permission of the Ministry of Health, Secondly, since this is kind of tourism, they should have the certificate of TÜRSAB (this is the name for only Turkey, for another country the organization's name will be different),

Another way to research: After you have come to a certain point on your online research you may have an offline search time for an action like getting in touch with the medical consultants and having a treatment plan for yourself,

Understanding their professionalism: Getting information from more than one medical consultant is important to have the best map in your mind for a treatment plan, That's how you can easily understand the difference of professionalism by their explanations, states, and their mind map that has been structured just for you, The other important case is knowing what they can offer you as their crisis management protocol since every surgery has its own risks, To be prepared for this situation you should know that you're in safe hands,

Your results: Having reasonable expectations for the outcome of cosmetic surgery can be a major challenge for patients, While being optimistic and being influenced by positive stories and a doctor's work is good, it's crucial to keep in mind that each patient's results will be unique, No doctor, no matter their qualifications or experience, can guarantee the exact same results as another procedure or even their own previous work due to differences in body composition, genetics, skin type, and healing rate among patients,

Finding the right clinic for you

You may find yourself a clinic that seems great for both price & before/after photos, Still, don't make any rush decisions about getting the operation, investigating about the hospital's qualities that you will have your operation done is important as the doctor and her/his experience, So, investigating the proper certificates, knowing what you want and what works best for you will be a privilege to apply to the right clinic for your best future self,

Your Consultation with Medical Consultant

At the private consultation, you'll meet the medical consultant, discuss your desired results, and ask questions about the procedure, This is also an opportunity to learn about all the treatments offered at the clinic by the doctor,

To bring with you to the consultation
• Your health and medical history information List of medications
• Information on past surgeries and medical treatments Photos of yourself
• List of expectations and ideas,

During a consultation, you should ask the following questions to help evaluate the clinic and the procedure

• How many procedures has the doctor performed?

• Has the clinic had any serious mistakes or botched procedures, and how were they handled?

• Can the clinic provide references from previous patients? Are there any long-term side effects to be aware of?

• Where will the incisions be made?

• What type of anesthesia will be used, and is there a choice? What are the common side effects of the procedure?

• How can risks and complications be minimized? What is the plan in case of an emergency?

• What can be expected during recovery? What are the risks involved?

• How are touch-ups or revision surgeries handled?

• What activities should be avoided after treatment, and for how long? What can impact optimal results?

• Will the sutures be dissolvable or removable?

• Should the patient make changes to their diet or lifestyle before and after the procedure?

• What is the success rate for similar patients? What is the plan for follow-up visits?

Awareness of Possible Risks and Complications

Your doctor will inform you about the risks and complications that may occur during the procedure, Though mistakes are rare in a reliable clinic, it's important to be aware of the potential problems and understand all pre and post-operative guidelines.
You might be instructed to make changes to your diet, avoid specific medications and supplements, and restrict yourself from certain activities after surgery, If you're undergoing body or facial contouring, you'll have to wear compression garments for a certain period after the procedure, You'll be provided a set of instructions to ensure a successful recovery,

Most importantly, in the scenario of we are working together and there has been a complication during your operation, we provide you a health insurance from the day you arrived, which consist your extra hotel staying, hospital fees etc,

Tips to minimize scars after surgery

• Monitor scars and report any major changes

• Incisions may be made in discreet places

• Scars can heal fully in two years

Recovery management tips

• Wear compression garment/bandage for specified time

• Avoid sun exposure

• Follow doctor's post-op instructions very carefully

• Eat well-balanced diet and stay hydrated

• Get enough sleep to aid recovery

Preserving Your Cosmetic Surgery Results

It may take a few months for your body to adjust to the changes from the procedure, so be patient, The swelling may persist for several weeks, making it hard to see the final result, once you can see the outcome, it's important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to preserve your results.
Cosmetic surgery is a personal investment that can lead to numerous positive changes in your life, including increased self-confidence, a youthful appearance, and improved attractiveness, These benefits can enhance your overall quality of life,

Here are steps to maintain your surgery results

• Take steps to minimize sun exposure

• Wear your corset if your doctor recommended Increase fluid intake

• Follow a nutritious diet Handle stress well Get sufficient rest

• Keep your weight stable

• Minimize smoking and using alcohol, in the best option, quit,

• Massage may be important accordingly to operation, do it if recommended

This guide has been prepared for you to get the best service for your health with the aim of enhancing your perspective by asking the right questions, being careful about what quality means, Having an operation can be a little bit risky, but I generally say "Risk for change, change for a better life”, The important thing is in this issue is that minimizing the risk with the proper decisions that you have made,
I hope that your journey will be fantastic and provide you to be the best version of yourself, As I said earlier, after more than 20 years in this profession I can see your future and the future looks like you,




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