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Plastic surgery is a medical specialty focused on the correction or restoration of form and function. It can enhance physical appearance and boost self-confidence, and also correct functional impairments caused by trauma, congenital defects, or disease. Plastic surgery procedures range from cosmetic enhancements to reconstructive surgeries, with the goal of achieving natural-looking and long-lasting results.

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Plastic Surgeries

In the first step, the patient is picked up from the airport with our VIP transfer vehicle and placed in the hotel. In the second step, the patient is examined by the relevant doctor. The patient is informed about the surgery by the doctor here. In the third step, necessary blood tests are performed. The patient is asked to sign the consent form for the surgery. The patient who has gone through all these stages is now ready for the surgery.

After resting in the hotel for a few days, the patient is returned to their country with the return transfer to the airport after the final doctor check-up.

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Our Clinic

Dr. Simsek has been improving the appearance of people wanting to change their facial features for over a decade. At Peaktophealth, a top clinic for facial plastic surgery in Istanbul / Turkey. Dr. Simsek specializes in hair transplantation, facelift, nose surgeries, botox, and more. With experience from treating numerous patients, he has developed exceptional skills and knowledge that have helped his clinic grow.


1. Free Health Consultation
- Understanding the patient's needs 

- Creating roadmaps of solutions for patients

2. Patient Health Condition Assessment:

- Begin by reviewing the patient's medical history and current health status.

- Ask the patient about any previous surgeries or illnesses they have had.

3. Pre-Surgery Photography:

- Take several photos of the patient before the surgery.

- Ensure the photos clearly show the area of the body that will be undergoing the surgery.

- Label each photo with the patient's name and date.

4. Information Safety:

- Store the patient's medical history and photos securely, following all relevant regulations and laws.

- Ensure the patient's privacy is protected at all times by only accessing their information when necessary and by keeping it confidential.


Hotel accommodation, medication fees, blood tests and vip transfer are included in our package. If you need more information on packages, get in touch for a free consultation. Contact us now.


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About Us

Peaktophealth is a health center which founded by Operator Dr. Simsek who has been servicing for people's health more than 20 years in this profession. PTH based in Istanbul / Turkey with our professional surgeon team. 


What Is Plastic Surgery?

    Plastic surgery is a general medical name given to surgeries performed to correct the congenital or acquired unsightly appearance of any part of our body.

What Is Plastic Surgery?

Benefits Of Plastic Surgery

    With the aesthetic correction of any part of the body with plastic surgery operations, people are both psychologically relaxed and gain self-confidence due to having a beautiful external appearance, and these people start to be happier in their social lives, and at the same time, they become more motivated and more successful in their business life thanks to the self-confidence they gain.

Benefits Of Plastic Surgery


Are There Any Risks Or Complications Related To Plastic Surgery?

    Of course, as in all surgical procedures, there are some risks arising from surgery and anesthesia in plastic surgery operations performed for aesthetic purposes. These risks are minimized if the patient is carefully examined before surgery and the necessary examinations are performed.

Are There Any Risks Or Complications Related To Plastic Surgery?
Why Should We Choose Turkey For Plastic Surgery?

Turkey has very skilled and well-educated plastic surgeons as well as costs in terms of European countries and many other countries. has a very good price advantage compared to many other countries, as well as private hospitalization in Turkey is quite advanced compared to many other countries.

Is Plastic Surgery In Turkey Safe?

Of course, every surgical procedure has a risk, but Turkey is a country that can be safely preferred for all kinds of operations due to its high-tech modern hospitals and experienced specialized doctors.

What Are The Plastic Surgeries Performed In Turkey?

In Turkey, all operations in the field of plastic surgery are performed successfully.


Plastic surgery is a broad term that encompasses both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures that are designed to improve the appearance of a person’s face and body. It is an elective medical procedure and is not typically covered by insurance.
Reconstructive plastic surgery is intended to repair or correct physical abnormalities that are the result of injury, birth defects, or illness. This type of surgery can involve reconstructing the face or body after trauma or illness, as well as performing surgeries on the eyelids, nose, ears, or lips. It can also involve repairing skin damage, such as burns and scars.
Cosmetic plastic surgery is used to enhance or improve the physical features of a person’s face or body. This type of surgery can involve altering the shape of the nose, breast augmentation, liposuction, and face-lifts. These procedures can help to reduce wrinkles and skin blemishes, as well as improve the overall appearance of the face or body.
Plastic surgery can be a very effective means of improving one’s physical appearance and self-confidence. It is important to remember, however, that any surgical procedure carries certain risks, including infection, scarring, and other complications. Before undergoing any type of plastic surgery, it is important to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who can explain the potential risks and help you decide if plastic surgery is the right choice for you.

Turkey is one of the top medical tourism destinations in the world. It is renowned for offering a variety of plastic surgery procedures at competitive prices. With a growing number of clinics and experienced medical professionals, Turkey is becoming a popular choice for people seeking to go under the knife. But, is it really worth it?
For starters, Turkey is home to some of the most experienced and renowned plastic surgeons in the world. This means that the quality of care and results you can expect are top-notch. Furthermore, the cost of surgery in Turkey is much lower than in other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. This makes it an attractive option for people who want to save money while still getting excellent results.
While the cost and quality of care are good in Turkey, there are some things to consider before making your decision. First, the language barrier can be an issue, as many doctors and nurses speak only Turkish. Second, the laws and regulations concerning plastic surgery in Turkey may differ from those in other countries. Finally, you should research the clinic you plan to use thoroughly to make sure it is reputable and safe.
Overall, plastic surgeries in Turkey can be a great way to get the results you want at a fraction of the cost. However, it is important to do your research and make sure you are working with a reputable and experienced surgeon.

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