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What Is
Lip Filler

Lip fillers are a cosmetic application made to gain volume and shape to the lip, for this, fillers containing hyaluronic acid are used, this substance is a natural substance normally found in the human body, after subcutaneous administration, it causes an increase in volume in the area where it is applied due to its water retention feature, usually the duration of effect is up to 1 year.

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Lip Filler

In the first step, the patient is picked up from the airport with our VIP transfer vehicle and placed in the hotel. In the second step, the patient is examined by the relevant doctor. The patient is informed about the surgery by the doctor here. In the third step, necessary blood tests are performed. The patient is asked to sign the consent form for the surgery. The patient who has gone through all these stages is now ready for the surgery.

After resting in the hotel for a few days, the patient is returned to their country with the return transfer to the airport after the final doctor check-up.

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Our Clinic

Dr. Simsek has been improving the appearance of people wanting to change their facial features for over a decade. At Peaktophealth, a top clinic for facial plastic surgery in Istanbul / Turkey. Dr. Simsek specializes in hair transplantation, facelift, nose surgeries, botox, and more. With experience from treating numerous patients, he has developed exceptional skills and knowledge that have helped his clinic grow.


1. Free Health Consultation
- Understanding the patient's needs 

- Creating roadmaps of solutions for patients

2. Patient Health Condition Assessment:

- Begin by reviewing the patient's medical history and current health status.

- Ask the patient about any previous surgeries or illnesses they have had.

3. Pre-Surgery Photography:

- Take several photos of the patient before the surgery.

- Ensure the photos clearly show the area of the body that will be undergoing the surgery.

- Label each photo with the patient's name and date.

4. Information Safety:

- Store the patient's medical history and photos securely, following all relevant regulations and laws.

- Ensure the patient's privacy is protected at all times by only accessing their information when necessary and by keeping it confidential.


Hotel accommodation, medication fees, blood tests and vip transfer are included in our package. If you need more information on packages, get in touch for a free consultation. Contact us now.


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About Us

Peaktophealth is a health center which founded by Operator Dr. Simsek who has been servicing for people's health more than 20 years in this profession. PTH based in Istanbul / Turkey with our professional surgeon team. 


Plastic Surgery Overview

Operation Lip Filler Aesthetic
Time 1 Hour
Stay Minimum 1 Day
Anesthesia Local Anesthesia
Recovery 1 Day
Results 1 Year

How Does A Lip Filler Treatment Work?

    Hyaluronic acid causes an increase in volume by retaining water in the area where it is applied due to its water retention feature.

How Does A Lip Filler Treatment Work?

Why Is Lip Filler Done?

    The hyaluronic acid used as a filler has been used for a long time and is used quite safely in the cosmetic field due to its natural presence in the body. It is also preferred because it is reversible and does not require anesthesia compared to the surgical procedure.

Why Is Lip Filler Done?


What Happens Before A Lip Filler Procedure?

    Before lip filling, you are examined by the specialist who will perform the application, it is determined whether you have an obstacle for the procedure, whether you have an allergy to hyaluronic acid, then you need to determine your expectation about your lips with the specialist, the practitioner specialist informs the person about the possible side effects of the procedure.

What Happens Before A Lip Filler Procedure?

What Happens During A Lip Filler Procedure?

    The lip filling procedure is a short procedure lasting 15-20 minutes. First, the applied area is cleaned with antiseptic solution, a cream with local anesthetic effect is applied to the lip or local anesthesia is applied to the lip to avoid pain during the procedure, and then the filling injection is carefully injected into the dry mucosa of the lip with a very fine needle within the predetermined plan.

What Happens During A Lip Filler Procedure?
Who Gets Lip Fillers?

Lip filling can be applied to anyone who wants their upper and lower lip to be more prominent.

What Are The Advantages Of Lip Fillers?

It is a very low-risk procedure, it gives the lip a voluminous and prominent shape immediately after application, it is not permanent, and at the same time, asymmetric problems, if any, on the lip can be solved with lip filling.

What Are The Risks Of Lip Fillers?

Although it has very low risk rates, allergic reaction, infection, oedema, bruising, asymmetric appearance and granulomas may develop due to the accumulation of the filling at certain points in the long term, the quality of the filling used and the experience of the practitioner specialist are very important to minimize all these risks.

What Is The Recovery Time?

Immediately after the application, people can go to work, there will be edema and slight redness on the lips for a few days.

How Much Is A Lip Filler In Turkey

The price of lip filler in Turkey can vary depending on the specific procedure, the type of filler used, and the location of the clinic or medical facility. You can contact us for the price.


If anesthetic cream or local anesthesia is applied, no pain is felt during the procedure.

The permanence of lip fillers is 1-1.5 years.

Applications such as filler or botox are not recommended during pregnancy.

You can eat and drink water 2 hours after lip filling.

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