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What Is

Facelift is the process of removing excess skin from the sagging skin on the face by using different surgical techniques and giving the face a taut appearance again.

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Facelift Surgery

In the first step, the patient is picked up from the airport with our VIP transfer vehicle and placed in the hotel. In the second step, the patient is examined by the relevant doctor. The patient is informed about the surgery by the doctor here. In the third step, necessary blood tests are performed. The patient is asked to sign the consent form for the surgery. The patient who has gone through all these stages is now ready for the surgery.

After resting in the hotel for a few days, the patient is returned to their country with the return transfer to the airport after the final doctor check-up.

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Face Lift Cost

The factors affecting the final cost of Face Lift procedure include the team performing the procedure, the presence or absence of a specialist doctor, the reputation of the hospital, the Face Lift technique used, and the additional services offered to the patient.

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Patients Stories

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Our Clinic

Dr. Simsek has been improving the appearance of people wanting to change their facial features for over a decade. At Peaktophealth, a top clinic for facial plastic surgery in Istanbul / Turkey. Dr. Simsek specializes in hair transplantation, facelift, nose surgeries, botox, and more. With experience from treating numerous patients, he has developed exceptional skills and knowledge that have helped his clinic grow.


1. Free Health Consultation
- Understanding the patient's needs 

- Creating roadmaps of solutions for patients

2. Patient Health Condition Assessment:

- Begin by reviewing the patient's medical history and current health status.

- Ask the patient about any previous surgeries or illnesses they have had.

3. Pre-Surgery Photography:

- Take several photos of the patient before the surgery.

- Ensure the photos clearly show the area of the body that will be undergoing the surgery.

- Label each photo with the patient's name and date.

4. Information Safety:

- Store the patient's medical history and photos securely, following all relevant regulations and laws.

- Ensure the patient's privacy is protected at all times by only accessing their information when necessary and by keeping it confidential.


Hotel accommodation, medication fees, blood tests and vip transfer are included in our package. If you need more information on packages, get in touch for a free consultation. Contact us now.


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Easy Test

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About Us

Peaktophealth is a health center which founded by Operator Dr. Simsek who has been servicing for people's health more than 20 years in this profession. PTH based in Istanbul / Turkey with our professional surgeon team. 


Plastic Surgery Overview

Operation Face Lift Surgery
Time 4-7 Hour
Stay Minimum 7 Days
Anesthesia General Anesthesia
Recovery 12-14 Days
Results Lasting for Life

Josephine Michael

I started my communication with Betul and from the moment we spoke she was extremely supportive and helpful explaining everything repeatedly all my questions and concerns were answered with great detail and courtly and care I would highly recommend back to health clinic from dealing with a Betul right through ti the medical team and doctors 5 star service and amazing results

Why Is Face Lift Done ?

    Facial sagging begins due to the aging of the face, the melting of the subcutaneous fat tissue and the decrease in the amount of collagen. First of all, it manifests itself as deepening of the forehead lines, bags under the eyes, drooping of the eyelids, deepening of the line between the nose wings and the upper lip, which we call the nasolabial region, and deepening of the lines in the neck region. While these signs of aging on the face can be treated temporarily with non-surgical procedures (such as botox, filler PRP) in the first place, non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures begin to be ineffective after a while due to the increase in these sagging. Facial fatigue, when looking in the mirror, reveals an aged face appearance that makes the person unhappy. At this stage, the deep scars of years on the face can only be corrected with the face lift procedure, which we call surgical face lift.

Why Is Face Lift Done ?

Facelift Surgery Procedure

    A face lift is a surgical procedure that aims to remove excess skin and restore a tighter appearance to the face by using various surgical techniques. The procedure can be tailored to the individual's needs and may include the middle face, forehead, and neck. A face lift can be performed in different ways, depending on the area of the face that needs to be treated. A middle face lift, for example, focuses on the cheeks, eyes, and forehead and is done by making incisions around the ears and hairline. A full face lift, on the other hand, includes the entire face, including the neck. The incisions are made behind the ears and in the hairline, so the surgical scars are usually not visible. The procedure involves carefully separating the skin from the underlying tissue, repositioning the underlying muscles, and removing excess skin. If necessary, the surgery may also correct drooping eyelids and bags under the eyes. Finally, a small drainage tube is placed behind the ear to prevent any accumulated blood from causing swelling. The tube is usually removed the next day.

Facelift Surgery Procedure


Suitable Patients For Facelift Surgery

    A face lift operation can be performed on anyone who is bothered by sagging on their face after the age of 45-50 and wants to look younger and more dynamic when looking in the mirror or in photographs. But for this, the patient should not have an additional disease that may pose a risk.

Suitable Patients For Facelift Surgery
What Are The Risk Factors For Facelift Surgery?

Facelift is a very low operation in terms of risks. After all facelift operations, various degrees of facial edema and bruising will develop, but these problems are minimized by applying ice dressings to the face after the operation, and bruising and edema usually disappear after 2-3 weeks. Other possible risks, such as infection, skin necrosis and nerve damage, are serious problems and are very rare in 0.4%.

How Much Does Facelift Surgery Cost In Turkey?

Prices can vary depending on many factors such as the equipment and location of the hospital, the experience and popularity of the doctor, among others. For an accurate price, you can contact us.


A face lift operation is safe when performed by experienced plastic surgeons and in well-equipped hospitals in Turkey. Please be very careful when choosing the doctor and the hospital for your surgery.

You should not take a bath for at least 2 days, and should not dye your hair for one month.
When sleeping for a week, you should sleep with a high pillow, keeping your head higher than your heart.
Stitches will be removed in 7-10 days
You can return to work and social life in 2 weeks
Within 2-3 weeks, the swelling and bruises on the face will disappear and will not be noticeable. It takes about 3 months for the final appearance of the face to be achieved. You should not smoke until the wound is completely healed and avoid sun exposure as much as possible for 3 months.

A facelift is considered a low-risk procedure. Post-surgery, some degree of swelling and bruising may occur on the face, but these can be minimized by using ice packs immediately after the surgery, and typically subside within 2-3 weeks. Rare risks such as infection, skin death, and nerve damage are minimal, occurring in only 0.4% of cases.

The cost of a facelift can fluctuate based on various factors, such as the facilities and location of the hospital, the expertise and reputation of the surgeon. To get an accurate quote, you can reach out to us for more information.

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