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Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that is used to alter the shape of the nose. It is commonly known as a “nose job” and is used to correct the shape, size, and structure of the nose. Rhinoplasty can also be used to improve the appearance and function of the nose.  

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In the first step, the patient is picked up from the airport with our VIP transfer vehicle and placed in the hotel. In the second step, the patient is examined by the relevant doctor. The patient is informed about the surgery by the doctor here. In the third step, necessary blood tests are performed. The patient is asked to sign the consent form for the surgery. The patient who has gone through all these stages is now ready for the surgery.

After resting in the hotel for a few days, the patient is returned to their country with the return transfer to the airport after the final doctor check-up.

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Rhinoplasty Cost

The factors affecting the final cost of Rhinoplasty procedure include the team performing the procedure, the presence or absence of a specialist doctor, the reputation of the hospital, the Rhinoplasty technique used, and the additional services offered to the patient.

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Our Clinic

Dr. Simsek has been improving the appearance of people wanting to change their facial features for over a decade. At Peaktophealth, a top clinic for facial plastic surgery in Istanbul / Turkey. Dr. Simsek specializes in hair transplantation, facelift, nose surgeries, botox, and more. With experience from treating numerous patients, he has developed exceptional skills and knowledge that have helped his clinic grow.


1. Free Health Consultation
- Understanding the patient's needs 

- Creating roadmaps of solutions for patients

2. Patient Health Condition Assessment:

- Begin by reviewing the patient's medical history and current health status.

- Ask the patient about any previous surgeries or illnesses they have had.

3. Pre-Surgery Photography:

- Take several photos of the patient before the surgery.

- Ensure the photos clearly show the area of the body that will be undergoing the surgery.

- Label each photo with the patient's name and date.

4. Information Safety:

- Store the patient's medical history and photos securely, following all relevant regulations and laws.

- Ensure the patient's privacy is protected at all times by only accessing their information when necessary and by keeping it confidential.


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About Us

Peaktophealth is a health center which founded by Operator Dr. Simsek who has been servicing for people's health more than 20 years in this profession. PTH based in Istanbul / Turkey with our professional surgeon team. 


Plastic Surgery Overview

Operation Rhinoplasty Surgery
Time 2-3 Hour
Stay Minimum 7 Days
Anesthesia General Anesthesia
Recovery 7 Days
Results Lasting for Life

PTH ~ Patient Say

F. M. - France

J'ai gardé à l'esprit et recherché un endroit pour subir une opération de rhinoplastie pendant des années, mais je n'ai jamais vraiment eu le courage de le faire. Au hasard, j'ai commencé à parler avec Peaktophealth Clinic et je n'arrive pas à croire que j'ai été opéré il y a 3 jours !! Ils m'ont expliqué CHAQUE détail, c'était super facile d'effacer mes points d'interrogation. Maintenant, je rentre chez moi avec des souvenirs d'attention, d'environnement amical, de professionnalisme et de confort. 5 étoiles au docteur Veli et son équipe et plus encore...

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What is Rhinoplasty?

    Rhinoplasty surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia and is often done on an outpatient basis. During the procedure, the surgeon will make incisions in the skin around the nose and then reshape the underlying bone and cartilage structures. This reshaping can involve reducing the size and shape of the nose, removing bumps, or narrowing the nostrils. The surgeon may also use grafts to build up or add shape to the nose.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Structure Of The Nose

    Nostrils: The two openings on the face through which air enters the nose.

    Nasal Cavity: The space inside the nose that warms, moistens, and filters the air we breathe.

    Nasal Septum: The thin wall of cartilage and bone that separates the two nasal cavities.

    Nasal Conchae: Curved bony plates covered in mucous membranes that increase the surface area of the nasal cavity and enhance the filtration and warming of the air.

    Sinuses: Air-filled cavities in the skull that connect to the nasal cavity and help to lighten the weight of the skull and enhance the resonance of the voice.

    Turbinates: Scroll-like structures in the nasal cavity that help to increase the surface area and improve air filtration.

    Nasal Passage: The path that air takes through the nose to reach the lungs.

Structure Of The Nose


What is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

    Rhinoplasty procedures performed using filling materials are called nonsurgical rhinoplasty or non-surgical rhinoplasty.

    Why Choose Having a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty with PeakTopHealth?

    Peaktophealth clinic is a popular clinic where non-surgical aesthetic procedures are performed quite successfully as well as surgical operations.

What is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty Procedure Steps

    Rhinoplasty surgery is usually performed with general anesthesia, but in cases requiring small corrections, it can also be done with local anesthesia. There are two methods, closed and open rhinoplasty. The open rhinoplasty technique is preferred by surgeons because it provides more visibility and enables the correction of the nose bones. In open rhinoplasty, the skin of the nose is dissected from the lip and the roof and bones of the nose are corrected. If the nose is crooked, it is straightened and if it is too big, it is reduced. If the septum, or the nose bone, is tilted to one side, a septoplasty is performed to straighten it, allowing for easier breathing. In closed rhinoplasty, the incision is made inside the nose. This technique is not preferred when a septoplasty is necessary because correcting the curvature of the nose bones is difficult. Your doctor will determine which technique is best for you. The duration of the surgery varies depending on the structure of the nose. The average duration of a rhinoplasty surgery is 2.5 to 3 hours.

Rhinoplasty Procedure Steps
What Are The Types Of Rhinoplasty?

Closed Rhinoplasty
Open Rhinoplasty

Rhınoplasty Surgery In Turkey Advantages?

Turkey attracts the attention of people from all over the world because of its well-equipped clinics and hospitals that offer high-quality health services in all fields of medicine, as well as its highly skilled and specialized doctors. Additionally, Turkey is frequently chosen as a preferred destination for medical treatment due to its lower prices compared to Europe and America, as well as its conventional tourist appeal.

Who Needs Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a method preferred by patients who do not want to take the risk of an operation and who have mild curvatures in their nose or have a slightly low nasal tip. The fact that it is reproducible and does not require anesthesia and hospitalization is the biggest reason why it is preferred by patients.


It should be known that rhinoplasty surgery, like any other surgical operation, carries certain risks, such as anesthesia risk, infection, swelling, pain, bleeding, and difficulty breathing. However, these risks can be minimized if the surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon in a well-equipped hospital.

Unfortunately, rhinoplasty is not suitable for pregnant women as it is a surgery performed under general anesthesia.

It is not recommended to use glasses for a long period of time after rhinoplasty. Your doctor will decide when you can use glasses and inform you after the surgery, but it is usually possible to use them 2-3 weeks after the surgery, although it may vary from patient to patient.

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